Airborne101 – 3G/Wi-Fi

Product Over View

Elsight DVS family of products provides remote operation capabilities of mobile video & audio transmission solution in high quality as well as  local recording abilities designated for  Border patrols, Stategic remote facilities, prisons, combat units, Police, special forces, and more.

With the  Airborne101-WiFi, implemetions  and availability barriers of video Transmission  are a matter of the past. Whether  as base architecture deployment or as a complementary platform for additional Elsight products , offering the versatility to design and implement a cost effective, yet fully featured, visual surveillance and security architecture.

Airborne101-WiFi  Solution features a network digital video server for distributed remote surveillance implementation scenarios.  The embedded Linux operating system is combined with an embedded Media Control Unit (MCU) which is completely stand alone and can be located anywhere, while providing full H.264 video compression in real time.

Key Features:

  1. 1 channel video inputs with Maximum 25fps @ PAL, 30fps @ NTSC
  2. 1 Channel audio inputs (automatically synchronized with video channels)
  3. Dual compression – Simultaneous Record / Playback and Network
  4. RS-422/485 interface for PTZ Speed Dome and Keypad Controller
  5. High speed & high compression ratio of H.264 video hardware real-time compression
  6. Alarm recording: video lost, motion detection and sensor alarm.
  7. Supports On-Screen Display (OSD) customization.
  8. Supports : QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, DCIF, 4CIF can be selected
  9. Supports TCP/IP, RTSP, HTTP & DNS protocols
  10. Supports remote upgrading and maintenance