Command & Control software

Product Over View

El-Sight’s Command & Control software is a user friendly system, developed through years of accumulated knowledge , and in cooperation with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and other clients with decision making environment, which position it among the leading video management solutions in the world.

C&C enables multiple scenarios control as well as the ability to dispatch video from the control center to operational unit in the field, commanders and additional law enforcement agencies etc.  The system supports video chat, thus  allowing the command chain direct contact with the field and also assists in providing a full picture in order to take the right decision, at the right time.

Due to El-Sights vast experience in the security & defense arena, we are aware that sometimes cooperation is needed with additional platforms in order to facilitate the command upon taking the decision, this is why C&C is an “open” application that enables integration to similar platforms/systems and directly with any GPS SW module.

Key Features:

  1. Instant Playback displays the video in real-time as well as displaying, in a separate window, up to 1  minute old playback of the same stream
  2. Displaying real-time video & audio streams from up to 64  video & audio sensors
  3. Tagging of the real-time video stream for later analysis and debriefing
  4. Real-time video display from specific video sensors triggered by the following scenarios:
    a. Any dry contact alarm device connected to the sensor, including panic button
    b. Video Motion Detection feature with multiple sensitivity levels for different areas in the frame at dif    ferent time checkpoints
    c. By a request of the C&C
  5. Remote control of PTZ video sensors and other devices that are connected to the video sensors by dry contacts
  6. All captured video streams can be recorded locally at the sensor level and at best-of-breed quality resolution to act as a backup and pulled if needed by the C&C