Multichannel – Secure Multi Data Link Unit

Product Over View

Multichannel is a el-sights new innovative technology, providing live video & audio transmission as well as recording capabilities, anytime, anywhere via multiple 3G and 4G networks, Wi-Fi or satellite(CPE), keeping your video a live at all times.

The multichannel, can act as a standalone solution or a gateway to el-sights range of products, thus expanding your visual reach and providing decision makers with the complete picture from the scene. Due to it’s advanced functionalities, the multichannel serves both the tactical and broadcasting worlds bringing unmatched performance.

Key Features:

  1. The system dynamically adapts its video encoding parameters (transmission rate, resolution) to the overall current available bandwidth.
  2. Full redundancy delivers maximum reliability: the system automatically detects any network channel failure and immediately redirects the video stream to the available channels so that no disconnect or distortion is detected at the viewing point.
  3. 1 Channel audio input (automatically synchronized with video channel)
  4. Simultaneous Record / Playback and Network
  5. Supports 4 slots for SIM cards (3G communication)
  6. RS-422/485 interface for PTZ Speed Dome and Keypad Controller
  7. High speed & high compression ratio of H.264 video hardware real-time compression
  8. Supports 4CIF resolution in real time.
  9. Supports remote upgrading and maintenance