Omnisight Surround Vision

The Omnisight platform is Elsight’s new platform for automotive vertical. It provides a fully surround vision capability to the driver of the car from bird’s eye view.

Feature Set:

  • Above the view – Captures and displays a bird’s eye view of the car from above.
  • No Blind Spots – The specially designed algorithm is tuned to provide the driver seamless 360° overlook scene with no blind spots.
  • Accurate scaling – The above the car scene displays accurate car position related to the surroundings, with the 1 centimeter scale accuracy.
  • Continuous recording – All camera streams are recording by the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) continuously.
  • Safe parking – The system guarantees the driving and parking safety.
  • The video records provide powerful evidence for any possible accidents.

Omnisight integrates four or more high resolution day and night cameras placed strategically on each of the four sides of the vehicle, while Elsight’s unique algorithm provides the “stitching” of the four cameras into one unified video image. This image constantly shows the entire surrounding of the vehicle (all four sides at once). Omnisight can be fully integrated easily into the vehicles’ multimedia system providing user friendly, convenient and easy viewing of the video for the driver, and thereby significantly increasing safety.

The integrated steering wheel, the gear and alarms automatically alert the driver. The driver can see the relevant video from a camera on the built-in multimedia system. The driver can also choose to view it as surround vision . The 360°-degree allows the driver to simultaneously see all four sides with an accurate smart line thereby dramatically increasing safety of driving and parking by eliminating blind-spots.

Omnisight provides continuous local recording as well as live transmission of video, audio and any integrated sensor data to any location in the most secured way via 3G/4G/LTE Cellular connectivity. In addition, Omnisight’s suite of products come ready for integration into Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) allowing a much wider range of features.

Omnisight can be easily fitted to cars and buses, as well as trucks and heavy equipment trucks used in mining and other special applications.

Omnisight also fully integrates into Elsight’s Commander 360 software delivering a complete solution for fleet management companies (FMS).