Emergency service providers – “First Responders” – are constantly on duty, may be called out at any hour of the day or night, and must respond promptly to every call.

Command, Control and Communications Centers (C4) are the focal points for collecting, processing, storing, displaying, analyzing and reacting to data obtained from First Responder and others in real-time.

Continuous progress in communication technology enables the public to communicate using wireless devices, VoIP, send photos and video clips, text messages and conduct other types of interaction. Elsight share in this C4 app s is the direct, real-time video and audio communications between the first responders units and the C4.

Fire Services

Fire services, like other First Responders, need easy-to-use equipment that is reliable even in extreme situations. ElSight provides field-proven solutions that allow fire services to communicate to their professional and operational command and control center live, sharing with them real life video scenes.


Most modern police forces make extensive use of high quality video as an operational tool for the units in the field. Video captured by a policeman and transmitted in real-time to the C4, will be used as tool to operational decisions that will affect the results of the overall mission of other units as well.

Emergency Medical Services

Like other First Responders, emergency medical services need to be able need to be in contact with both Professional and operational support  professional and operational aspects of an incident. ElSight video & audio solutions mean that all communication between the control center, mobile units and First Responder personnel can be managed on line, recorded and analyzed whether in order to comply with compliance requirements or for use as training tools.