From terrorists to the day-to-day crimes. Video surveillance is fast gaining recognition as an effective tool to reduce crime and increase personal safety in streets, business centers, recreational areas, shopping malls and other public venues. The public security and crime prevention agencies need innovative, cost-effective assistance in fighting crime and creating safer neighborhoods. Today s public safety providers must respond rapidly to emergencies or other situations that often involve a complex set of circumstances, multiple individuals and agencies, and an ever-increasing variety of communications media and requirements.

Elsight ELS line of product provides a comprehensive solution for those risks. Elsight visual monitoring analysis and recording is used to identify possible risks, record the activities and the actions taken to mitigate them.

The advantages of the ELS DVR N/U Class Units enable the deployment of complete visual monitoring system which can cover wide areas, with large set of cameras as well as interfacing with other security and alarm systems.

Learn more about the various ElSight ELS products and the possibilities to combine them together to create a comprehensive public security solution, visit the products pages.


When trying to meet challenges of facilities management, the views should be more comprehensive and include solutions that address safeguarding and protecting people and assets. ElSight’s solutions for Facilities Management combine a high-end video real-time monitoring and recording system together with smooth and quick integration with other third party systems. For example solutions for access control points, when integrated with video surveillance, let management have full control on people, goods and assets flow. The same infrastructure can be utilized for protect office employees, mall employees, visitors, shoppers, and tenants in this facility.

ElSight solution for Facility Management brings these benefits to the organization:

  • Crystal clear video monitoring and recording over limited bandwidth networks.
  • Rich functionality assisting analysis and alert of abnormal events.
  • Easy integration with external systems such as alarm controllers, fire warning systems, cashiers, access control points and many others.

To learn more about the various ElSight s ELS products and the possibilities to combine them together to create a full visual coverage of your organization, visit the products pages.