Governmental agencies and Armies are looking for high quality IP-centric video solutions which enable them to enhance their end-to-end intelligence gathering and information sharing capabilities both for live and file-based video transport and acquisition applications.
Getting live video reports from disaster areas, enhancing border control and protection, or deploying easy-to-use video software and hardware technology to ground forces in combat theaters around the world, increase operational efficiencies while getting appropriate information to the right place at the right time.

The dynamic nature of modern military and combat operations is giving rise to an increased demand for advanced communications equipment, including IP-based video technologies. Militaries demand for complete end-to-end solutions that will enable their combat troops to capture and stream live video directly from moving armored fighting vehicles, as they patrol enemy territory, to other moving vehicles, and mobile/central command centers.

Reliable, high quality video and audio streamed over low latency, low data rate satellite and IP networks help military commanders located at mobile command centers to better assess situational realities and guide decisions regarding the potential deployment of reinforcement troops or perhaps a change in on-the-ground strategies and tactics.

Governmental agencies and militaries modern needs include deployment to Special Forces with the capability to capture and stream video quickly and reliably over low data rate satellite networks for further evaluation at mobile or central command. These capabilities should be materialized with small footprint of end-to-end solutions that enable ground troops to include the light-weight hardware with the rest of the gear they are carrying.

Each ELS Tactical Unit can be connected to a RF camera and provide live, real-time video feed over limited bandwidth technologies such as Cellular (2.5, 3, 3,5G) and WiFi.

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