Today s emerging Online Video taken by eyewitnesses mostly with cell phones or web cams and right after posted to the internet put the greatest challenge in front of the broadcast journalism. Still the Networks own the mass audience but more and more they need to have the tools that will enable them to keep their dominance on their watchers attention and mind.

Elsight’ s  product line provides broadcast journalism the most advanced solutions for zero-setup deployment of remote TV teams enabling them to quickly go on air, with the highest quality video, and simultaneously record DVD quality footage. This feed can be either directly broadcasted, or serve as control channel until several seconds later a full DVD quality footage can be downloaded from the unit and broadcasted with no quality compromises at all.

Elsight’s set of mobile oriented products, provides total solution, for both vehicle mounted systems and staffs carried light-weight hardware solutions, as primary video source, or secondary backup to the main satellite equipment. Each Multichannel unit can be connected to a RF camera and provide live, real-time video feed over limited bandwidth technologies such as Cellular (2.5, 3, 3.5G, LTE) Wi-Fi or SAT.

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