The combined adverse impact of a rapidly aging population, and the deteriorating Medical Doctors/population ratio, is forcing health organizations to increase their dependency on Telemedicine. The efficiency of medical doctors and specialists is increased as telemedicine empowers and enables supervised nurses and paramedics to take over certain functionalities of a doctor. It should be noted that the shortage of doctors is no longer limited only to rural areas but also to larger cities.

Currently, this fast-growing Telemedicine market is restrained by a number of technological limitations. Elsight’s product line tackles these limitations head-on thus dramatically expanding existing market segment size and also “creating” brand new ones.


The key areas of improvements are Mobility (Health & Emergency Medicine on the Move), Medical Hub (transmission of medical devices data, video and voice), Conferencing (replacing today’s point-to-point limited communication), Redundancy (always-on regardless of weak coverage by one of the cellular providers), Emergency Waste.

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