TRANSPORTATION / Logistics & Secure Transit

Developing advanced and effective video surveillance systems on board private and public transportation vehicles requires a careful evaluation of video processing, storage and transmission, with the possibility of sending data to a remote control center. ElSight is providing its ELS Mobile Unit, a reliable and rugged solution that perfectly targets the requirements above. 

Additionally, Elsight’s Omnisight product suite provides a unique surround vision capability from bird’s eye view of the vehicle. Omnisight platform makes driving safer and accurate.

The intelligent video-processing engine of the ELS automotive solutions perform the real-time analysis of acquired images. It is capable of including on-line discriminating functionalities and dynamic data transmission through wired or wireless networks, allowing for fast decision-making in the case of illicit events, and allowing a real-time response from emergency services.

The ELS Mobile Unit is IP65 and EN50155 compliant, compact, lightweight and low power. It combines the advanced functionalities of a digital video recorder with the ability to acquire and store high-resolution video streams (NTSC and PAL) coming from up to 4 analog / digital channels (BNC composite video, USB, FireWire and Ethernet) onto an integrated fixed or removable storage device.

The ELS mobile Unit takes advantage of the H.264 compression technologies, and can dynamically use all the available bandwidth to continually ensure that the maximum possible amount of information can be sent with minimum data loss. Users can select from an array of wired and wireless interfaces to transmit the data for analysis. These include GPRS, UMTS, WiFi 802.11.X and Fast Ethernet. In any case, a rugged internal storage device stores all the video streams made of high resolution frames – analysis can be made later from a remote operating centre.


The ELS mobile Unit has a small footprint and a fanless cooling system. Ease of integration has been guaranteed by the use of industry standard circular connectors and a wide input voltage range. This ensures compatibility with all standard commercial vehicle electrical systems.

Maintenance is easy, with no need to remove the device from the vehicle. Furthermore, the ELS mobile Unit offers advanced auto-diagnosis features that allows for complete monitoring of critical parameters and remote status monitoring with pre-alarm features, thus enhancing the system’s security and simplifying maintenance.


ElSight has developed ELS Clients packages for all the ELS product line, covering the most commonly used operating systems present on the market. This simplifies the integration of the system – speeding up customer software development, reducing the interval between the initial vision and the final realization, and minimizing time-to-market.In this way entire fleets of vehicles can be equipped with ElSight ELS Mobile Units.

These can then all be accessed from a central command centre in real-time – improving security, public safety, coordination and planning.